Month: August 2013

#1 BlanketsnBabies

Firstly if you are reading this post I want to say thank you! It’s pretty big for me to be here in the first instance, but now that I am, I’m sure it will take no time to settle in and get comfy…
So I’ve started this blog because I think my thoughts were getting a little too ‘loud’ for my personal notebook; I found myself constantly wishing to share/show/tell of new and interesting finds I was making in my own craftosphere. I suppose this blog will allow to me unleash (at least some) of those experiences and discoveries in a hopefully productive environment. This is a completely give and take blog for more beginners of craft, with a chance to ask questions and find answers that will make things more interesting along the way. Anyway, without going into too much more detail about how or why I’m here I’d like to explain why I have named this blog ‘BlanketsnBabies’…well…it was the first thing that stuck out when I thought of summarising my crafty lifestyle. I have a toddler of 15months and when I do manage to finally get her to nap, I make a grab for my crochet or sewing project like a person possessed. The greatest joy for me has been becoming mummy to this little cheeky angel of mine and I find crafting helps me to express, create, invent, weave and produce a beautiful world around me and my family to grow in. More about me much, much, later! Lets start talking crafts!!!

The ones I’m mainly interested in are (in no particular order of preference):

Knitting and

Reading Craft books! 😉 😉

The crafts I hope to learn a bit more about are:


And possibly others along the way!

I’d like to stress that I’m still very much a learner/beginner in all of these mentioned in the former list (about a year old) and therefore the pitch of my posts will be along the beginner/newbie level of things. Nevertheless I hope it will be informative too so please do leave feedback if you do find anything is of interest to you. Thanks again for reading and I hope to leave you another post very soon x