#3 My Scottish Craft & Culture Experience

Hello again to all! Thanks for reading this post its a little different to my first two as I’m writing it whilst on Holiday!

I couldn’t wait any longer to share my crafty experiences with you so I’m braving this post from my mobile phone (no computer access at the moment)..but hopefully that shouldn’t make a difference.

Ok so we (hubby, me and toddler in tow) arrived in Scotland on Monday (which is about a 4.5 hour ride on the over-ground rail from London. Its our second visit here as, in June 2011 we spent our honeymoon in Edinburgh , the capital city of Scotland.
The difference this time (as well as little one being with us) is that I’m drawn to all the crafty culture around me like a moth to a flame lol. Words cannot describe the hubby’s expression as I pop in or stop to photograph just about every craft/hand-made shop in sight.

Now even though I have been born and brought up in London, its no secret I’m a complete closet Scottish!

I wont go into too much historical detail about Scotland or Edinburgh in particular though this city oozes history and heritage, instead I’ll keep this post relevant to my own craft- or culture-related experiences so far (2 days into the trip)…..

So it began when we popped into The Scottish National Gallery in an attempt to culture ourselves a little more 😉 …The star of the show by far was my little madam who seemed to be taking it all in her stride.



Edinburgh’s famous ‘Royal Mile’ was saturated with cute little craft shops as well as souvenir stores!


(A little shop of novelty things)

Jenner’s Department Store is one of the oldest in scotland dating back to 1838! It had a very quaint feel and atmosphere to it (I have no actual pictures of the store inside as ran out of battery juice at that time, typically). I am supplying a link below so you can check it out yourself:


So I happened to come across some yarn in the haberdashery section of this store which I quickly bought while hubby was distracted by ‘bull in a china shop’ toddler (great work little one!).

The yarn was the most fun and fabulous mix-dyed kind; I had no idea what I would be making with it (and as a result I only bought two balls- oops) Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


(slightly exaggerated colours but still fab I hope you’ll agree)

I also came across a number of little craft stalls one of which stood out!


The lady at the stall (Keefey) kindly let me take her pic! The stuff on show are the most gorgeous hand-made leather journal pads…inside was the most velvety hand-made paper (not the over processed glossy stuff)…They were so beautiful I had to buy two. I’m sure I will get loads of use out of them.



Today (Wednesday 4th September) it was Hubby’s birthday. We had a long and very steep walk up to the top of Calton Hill (more information of which you will find at the bottom of this post)….where we got to Nelson’s monument. I can honestly say the views were the most breathtaking and awesome and I have never been so awe-struck in my entire 30-plus years!



Finally I am adding a link to the Visit Scotland website which you should check out to see all the places I have mentioned above including Jenners and Calton Hill


However I cannot leave without posting a photo of the beautiful castle…


That’s it from me for now; I hope to post again when I get back to London, from the comfort of my desktop computer. I have two more crafty and cultural days in Edinburgh left and I hope to report on them sometime soon. Take care until then xxx

[Ps managed to slip my crochet project into my handbag before leaving home but havent really had time to do any…unacceptable really ;)]


2 thoughts on “#3 My Scottish Craft & Culture Experience

  1. Oh you’re up in my part of the country, kind of. I live in Northumberland so still the right side of the wall but as close to Scotland as England goes.
    Hopefully the weather was kind too, it’s a lovely place in the sun, not so much in belting rain and gales.
    Enjoy your craft hunt, I enjoy seeing your treats.

    1. Yes!! Then you’re not far from thr scottish borders…lol Weather was absolutely beautiful, and contrary to the advice we were given, we didnt need those spare jumpers after all. Im so glad as our pictures came out GORGEOUS! Will share on instagram shortly. Thanks for the shout-out Gail, and the lovely message x

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