#4 Crafts I made: Sewn for Purpose

Hi and welcome to my 4th post! The blog has a new look which I hope you’ll like. I’m feeling more at home now especially with the lovely logo me and my little helpers put together last night.

I should finally share with you some of the crafts I have (attempted) to make over the last year or so as well as provide you with some links to the blogs/tutorials/web pages that have inspired me along the way. I’ve got lots of little things I want to share with you but will break them up into little groups so it all appears to make sense.

Starting with my sewing projects stitched for a specific purpose….

1. Yellow Wall-Hanging

I think it was when baby was about 3 months old that I decided to make a Wall-Hanging to have all her bits & bobs to hand. I didn’t follow any tutorials so to speak; I just had a mental image of what I wanted it to look like. I used some fabric in a baby-friendly colour (from my mum’s fabric stash) and stuffing from an old pillow. Now, I wasn’t familiar with the phenomenon that is ‘quilting’ back then (would do things so differently now!). I pretty much just stuffed and sewed!!!!! 😀

So here it is my extremely useful wall-hanging (complete with a handy metal rod found in our back garden lol). It has actually served many purposes; from storing little new-born clothes to nappies/wipes/cotton balls/flannels)… Its raw and unrefined but its my first ever sewing project so I do love it.

wall hanging edited

The closest thing I found to it is this piece on another blog called ‘Craftlog’ by a lady called Maitreya. Her blog has some other great posts and crafty ideas so do check it out when you get a chance:


2. Over-sized Boho Baby-Bag

This is perhaps the project I’m most proud of! All those beautiful fabric scraps I had lying around were about to be used in this project in a panelling effect. I love my BIG bags; the bigger the better. And a baby bag is one example of where this is a necessity for me as a mum on the go!

I saw lots of bags I liked, but they were missing the over-size factor, something had to be done. I was a little more experienced on the sewing machine this time but again I had no real plan/pattern thought out; just an image of what it had to look like. I made it huge and I hope you’ll agree, the end product is pretty impressive on a GRAND scale:

 boho bag

(sorry the photos aren’t very clear, I hope to take better pictures for the purpose of future posts)

I couldn’t find a tutorial on making a box bag exactly like mine, but if you visit the blog of http://craftygemini.blogspot.co.uk/, there is a tutorial on making a sewing machine dust cover that will do the trick just as well (just add a top panel and handles). I am a MEGA fan of the CraftyGemini aka Vanessa, her blog is great and I’m always inspired by her.

The sewing machine dust cover tutorial can be found by following this link http://craftygemini.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/sewing-machine-dust-cover.html

3. Zipper pouches for travelling

Beyond the over-sized bag, you cannot underestimate the power of zipper pouches for a well-organised suitcase, especially when travelling with a young child.  I simply hate when things get lost in suitcases; I need to know where things are so I can find them…Fast. I followed a great video tutorial on sewing Zipper-pouches (will give you the link below) because sewing zippers on is no easy task, but its a fundamental skill to learn and opens up loads of sewing project possibilities.

Not going into too much detail of how (because the video tutorial will show you all that), I present my travel-friendly zipper pouches. There is a large-sized one and a medium one. I quilted them but you could quite easily just interface them as the video shows you.

20130817_223941bnb 20130817_224138bnb 20130817_224215bnb

Here is a super simple video-tutorial for making zippered pouches,


The lady posting it is called Melanie Ham and she has the most fabulous Facebook page and blog under the name of

I Heart Stitching: Melanie Ham Designs

You must take a look!

Ok, I’m going to end this post here or I will get carried away. I hope I have inspired you with or reminded you of similar projects you have undertaken; would love to hear your views either way. Do check out the links recommended, I have lots more to share in the next post. Until then, take care xxx


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