#5 Hello…I’m a Boxoholic

As far as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by boxes!

The earliest box I can remember owning was a pillar box red lunch box at age 6 years… and my dad still has it!

Not only do I have a crafty family I have to admit we are quite a ‘hoarding’ bunch. From my dad and grandfather collecting wood, planks and all things of a DIY, building nature… to my mum’s fabulous sewing/crochet/knitting stash!It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree either…..I’d like to indulge you in some of my own hoarding…..and my boxophilia (just a made-up word lol).

I guess it stems from a want/need to organise, categorise and methodise everything (well that’s my argument anyway), but boxes whether they be for gift-wrapping, storing or displaying your possessions are a big business these days.  They can hold practical or sentimental value. And whether we like to admit or not, we have quite a variety of these around the house!

I have a few favourite boxes which I’d like to share with you my top 5! The ones I have selected a special meaning, and hold sentimental value for me. They have special memories associated with them. They are a symbol and amongst my most valued possessions.

1. My Lunch Box

How many 30-something year olds can admit to still owning a lunch-box from when they were 6??? Not many I’m guessing. Actually it’s not something I have kept, but something I found lying around in my dad’s back-garden shed. He’s a serious hoarder but I’m kinda glad he kept this one.

It reminds me of a carefree childhood. The red colour is a beautiful, happy colour too. It reminds me that my mum would’ve prepared something (lovingly) rushedly/purposefully for me to eat at school. It went on a journey with me between school and home everyday and it was probably the only thing I carried….whilst holding mum’s hand I suppose.


2. My Wooden Box

I love wooden boxes, the more natural the better. I have one which I have never actually stored anything in, because I could never find anything that looked like it would be fittingly stored in this thing. Its quite funny that I should be so particular about it but that’s how it is.

There’s nothing that especially stands out about the box but I just like that its the perfect shape, size and has the coolest slide-in lid. I’m sure I’ll find something to store in it soon……or my little one will anyway 😉

IMG_0356 IMG_0354

3. An Inherited Trinket Box

This was one of mum’s jewellery boxes. I just remember it vividly from my childhood; she would store beaded pearl necklaces and bracelets in it. I used to think that it was probably really valuable to her and it probably was. I inherited it just after she passed away and although it has a different meaning to me now, it is still just as valuable…maybe more so.


4. The Fabulous Box of Buttons

Amongst mum’s crafty stash she used to keep a little blue case with fabulous buttons of all shape/size/sparkle. I actually have this box now and love looking through it. I have used some of these buttons on a few projects which I will share with you soon. I’m sure you will agree it rocks as far as button-boxes go!!


5. My Crafty Box

My 5th selection is this rather wonderful ‘Rainbow’ box. Its filled with colourful pencils, crayons and envelopes! This box makes me really happy and its something I can’t wait to share with my daughter when she gets a little older! (Actually I think she’ll probably find it when I’m not looking)


That’s the end of my (rather lengthy) post. I hope you found it as fun to look through as I found to write it. I will try to keep my posts a bit shorter from now on but I couldn’t help it on this occasion. I hope to post about boxes you can craft with fabric and various other things as well as provide some links to some great blogs/tutorials and suppliers of gorgeous boxes! Until then, take care xxx


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