#7 I Heart Fabric Boxes

Going along with the theme of ‘boxes’ I wanted to share another wonderful kind of box with you- the FABRIC BOX! I love fabric boxes because they are really easy to sew together and you can make them look really pretty by using any patterned and coloured fabric of your choice. You can use up your scraps, add buttons or add trims and embellishments to your heart’s desire. They make the most beautiful gifts or can be kept all for yourself to store your crafty bits and bobs in (or indeed anything from stationery supplies to sweeties). I think they look gorgeous on your desk or stacked on your shelves. I’ve seen a lot of varieties on the internet, each one unique to the maker’s taste. So I’m going to share with you a few of the ones that stood out and give you links to the tutorials I found the most useful.

1. Design*Sponge

I love Design*Sponge, they’ve always got a fabulous craft project you can work on. They are no less than an essential resource for me and their fabric box tutorial is saved to my Favourites!

The tutorial itself is pretty straight-forward and there is ample opportunity to tweak it just a little bit here and there so you can use the materials you have to hand. The final result is pretty impressive. Its a must-have for any crafters desk!


Design*Sponge Fabric Boxes


2. Make it & Love it

This is a blog run by the talented Ashley, she’s a mum to 3 and based in the US. The blog is a lot of fun and her personality is evident in her tutorials! Her version of the fabric boxes is tempting all over again, these are complete with label windows for the front of the boxes. Do check it out!


Make it & Love it Fabric boxes


3. Jillian in Italy

This blog is run by Canadian-born ‘Gee-lee-aan’, married to a Belgian scientist and residing in Italy – phew.

Her take on the Fabric boxes was simply adorable with photos to match.


Jillian in Italy Fabric Boxes


4. Seaside Stitches

Ok, here’s one I actually tried and loved with capital L!! The box took only about an hour to put together; its a grea t project for when little miss is asleep!

I won’t say too much more but encourage you to check this tutorial (and blog) out. Tina Craig is the brains behind this idea and she is an expert quilter and has therefore added a quilting twist to the box.

meadowsweet box

Seaside Stiches fabric box


Here is my own take on the Seaside Stitch fabric box:



I added a cute button detail at the sides to give it more crafty character.

Other inspiration………..

Pinterest has tons of inspiration if you are looking for box ideas.. of virtually any shape, size and purpose!

Check out the pinterest pages of the Evans Twins (sisters) of the Roonie Ranching blog. Their pinterest pages (each sister has their own page) are just the most colourful, vibrant archives of ideas and projects. Inspiration just oozing off the pages. Don’t take my word for it, do take a look.



That brings me to the end of my post. I hope it inspires you to try one for yourself, do share if it does!

Until next time, take care xxx



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