#8 Sewing for the Home

It’s been a little while since I last posted; life has this habit of getting in the way sometimes and boy did it ever??!! Though I may have not been doing much crafting over the last few weeks  there has been plenty of crafting action going on around me and plenty new ideas bubbling away just waiting to be shared!! So let’s crack on….

Sewing for the home is the simplest and most effective way to personalise and design something of your own the way no one else has it. Its the easiest way to make your mark and put your own stamp on things. Even better, it is the best way to stash-bust as I have found! Now, you don’t need to make anything too complicated just simple things like pillow-cases, cushion-covers, and table-runners are an easy way to cosy things up in the home.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, fun things like aprons and tea-cosies are examples of novelty projects you can try your hand out on and have rewarding results quickly.

1 **APRONS**

Aprons are something I adore; they come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, designs and eras!!. You can make them as quirky and pretty as you like; add pocket details, ruffles, buttons…you name it!

I’ve seen a lot of retro designs online which can take a little longer (and a little more skill) than I would like to invest, but I’ve also seen simpler children’s aprons which can take as little as an hour to make and you could easily tweak the ‘recipe’ a little to grow them up a bit for your own liking.

This is definitely something I want to try and hope to share the results with you soon!

Making A Simple Apron

I am personally not too keen on the tea-towel variety and wanted to stick to a standard apron shape. Without venturing too far out I found a straightforward video tutorial by JacquiBelle on YouTube making an adorably simple apron, great for beginners such as myself.

Apron 1 Apron 2

Apron by JacquiBelle


Novelty Bottle Aprons

I can’t post about aprons and not mention these fabulous novelty bottle aprons I came across recently. Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet Blog has given a gorgeously explained tutorial of these little favourites. They would make great party favours or gifts for friends!

Bottle aprons

Bottle Aprons by Lori Holt


2 **Pillowcases**

I love the envelope closure pillow-cases. The ‘ruffley’ ones do look great but require some level of skill. For the absolute beginner though, you can’t go wrong with this tutorial by Make It and Love It. I have featured this blog before, Ashley is simply inspirational.


Pillowcase tutorial by Make It and Love It


3 **Cushion Covers**

Envelope cases for smaller cushions can be made in the same way as the pillowcase covers but again there are loads of fab tutorials online to show you the how-to! I have to make another mention of the Crafty Gemini. Vanessa offers a lovely video tutorial of a simple cushion (pillow) case cover.

 cushion cover

Crafty Gemini Envelope Cushion (Pillow) Cover


Here’s one I made earlier!!!


Its a bright red envelope cushion cover complete with name personalisation! The letters were appliqued on to the fabric before the cover was sewn! Applique is something I hope to cover in a separate post. Simple applique is a wonderful way of personalising your hand-made item and not forgetting, helps make beautiful and thoughtful gifts!

Well that’s it for this post, I hope to be back soon with something a little different. I hope you found something to your liking and that I may have inspired you (even just a little) to try some of these things out.

Until next time, take care!


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