#14 Blankets and All About Baby!

As the Christmas and New year holiday season ends and everyone heads back to their normal routines, I finally manage to grab a moment to make a post 🙂

This post isn’t about sewing or knitting or the usual stuff I write about, well not directly, but its about another subject that is more important to me and forms the BIGGEST part of my life, my daughter!


As a first time mum, everything about our journey to here has been remarkable! Losing my mum in my 4th month of pregnancy meant a lot of my questions about my childhood days/years were left unanswered. Of course I had many questions and I have had to piece by-and-by answers together from various family members but the insight I get from my own child makes the parenthood learning experience pretty incredible…you never really know what’s going to happen next no matter what you know about your own childhood!


I choose to write about this still being on a high from spending lots of lovely family time during the festive period. Despite being off work for a couple of weeks I have struggled to find time to do any crafting or complete on-going projects. But I cannot blame the lack of time on my demanding little one instead I need to THANK her for it

.20131229_134411bnb          20131229_140907bnb

As the New Year dawns and people use their time to reflect on their lives, thinking about what they are grateful for and wish for, it has been no different for me- I reflected tons. I am extremely thankful for the things I have in the NOW and this beautiful, happy and healthy baby for me has been a reminder of all that is well in the world. That’s a feeling I wish could be bottled!!!

At 19 months old, its all rough and tumble.. Literally! Despite us having new shelving up to deter her little fingers we have ended up with everything being stacked up on these shelves, on window ledges and up so high in the wardrobes that even my 152cm own self struggles to reach! That was a month ago..now, we are faced with a much more determined little one! We can watch her raid and empty cupboards, skilfully balance herself on chairs to get on to the tables, stealthily balance herself on tables to get on the window-ledges…and just dont mention those stairs!


All we, like any parent, can do is make sure that we are there to stop/catch/grab/carry the little one away from all her active endeavours at any given moment- this is not only all time-consuming but amazingly exhausting…lol

At 19 months we have found suddenly the clothes that fit her last month are suddenly too small, as though they had always been. My husband and I often giggle at the ‘tininess’ of some of her well-worn clothes – was she really that small???!

These upgrades are still a wonderful part of the parenting process, you will be constantly clearing up and clearing out, doing the laundry, mopping up spills, and safety-checking your home. And as the crafty supplies grow in size- due to unfinished projects and the desire to begin new ones- so will your baby’s needs which should be met first! 🙂


As I sign out of this post, I look over at my sleeping toddler and wonder how long before she grows out of her daytime naps, what I will give her for dinner when she’s awake, when I will finish that hat I’m working on for her, or when I can start that new project I’m thinking of….? These are all very normal questions in my life and the answers are not always immediately obvious…..But I wouldn’t have it any other way.


 Happy New Year!


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