#17 I Can Sing a Rainbow…

So this September I went from being mum-of-one to mum-of-two- Yay me! You would think that would be the end of my crafty endeavours but on the contrary its had me yearning to do more! Anyone who’s had a baby knows how beautiful and manic those early weeks (and months) can be especially if you already have children to take care of. My two year old has yet to accept the new arrival therefore efforts to keep her ‘distracted’ ‘entertained’ and ‘tantrum-free’ can be exhausting. However, I’ve heard that the madness doesn’t last forever so I’m learning to love and enjoy the present no matter how exhausting and chaotic it is. 20140930_120005bnb 20141013_200542bnb One thing that kept me sane during the last summery months of my pregnancy was my crochet! I needed a quick, easy, hassle-free project to keep my hands busy as physically I was just a huge bump sitting on the bed! So after many possible ideas I thought of something that became a super relaxing project to work on. You may remember my post on #15 Keep Calm and Crochet On; I purchased a whole bunch of wool to make that granny square blanket I’d always wanted to. I was dead set on it and had even started a few squares. It was pretty time-consuming and I’m a pretty impatient person wanting to see something come together quickety quick! So I decided to ‘borrow’ the wool to make another blanket I’ve always wanted to………..A Rainbow Blanket!!!       Still a complete crochet novice, with no pattern or stitch-counting experience I started a blanket ad-hoc. I used the treble-crochet stitch (UK) between stitches and nothing else, it started to come together quickly. Result.       Obviously, as I hadn’t planned it out, it started to change shape a few times, due to different ‘thicknesses’ of the wools I was incorporating and also because I wasn’t counting my stitches, but I was learning on the go. I also didn’t have any green wool and had to sit around for ages waiting for it to arrive in the post! Now that was pretty frustrating… Anyhow, baby arrived on the 23rd of September 2014 and blanket went on the back-burner for a while BUT I have somehow managed to add to it here and there and it still proves to be the one thing that keeps me sane through the chaos. rainbow 1 It’s not finished by any means and I’ve yet to add a border but I’ve managed to take a few pics of it in the meantime which I hope you will like and also provide you with just a couple of the links to other inspiring Rainbow blankets I’ve seen on Pinterest. Maybe they will inspire you to start one too. http://www.pinterest.com/explore/rainbow-crochet-blankets/ Linda Huff (Pinterest): http://www.pinterest.com/angeldreamer599/crochet-everything-rainbow-colors/ Barbara Molnarova (Pinterest): http://www.pinterest.com/barbarasanyova/rainbow-crochet-blankets/ Dorothy Gerlach (Pinterest): http://www.pinterest.com/dottieg/rainbow-crochet/ Pat Bohn (Pinterest): http://www.pinterest.com/roseannadanna27/rainbow-crochet/ Until Next Time, Take Care! Sabeena

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