#18 A new definition of home..

So our new addition is now 4months old and teething is on the horizon! The last few months have been a juggling act of adjusting, learning and generally trying to stay afloat! As all mums of young ones will know, its a mammoth task trying to stay on top of everything let alone find the time to sew/knit/undertake any hobby! Throw into this mix the moving of homes! Wow, thank goodness that’s over. We bid farewell to London for a while to spend some time in beautiful Scotland (do we need a reason?!!). More space was one issue but it was a long-standing dream. So here we are now.

2015-01-28 14.31.02 2015-01-28 14.33.50

Moving to the new flat did send me into a nesting frenzy however, there were cushions and curtains flying off my sewing machine left right and centre –  phew. To me, personalising my home is important! That’s why I’m useless in hotels, some of the most uncomfortable places I’ve stayed in have been plush new-build apartments yeuuukhhh!

Im definitely a soft furnishings gal – and therefore have tried to cosy up the new flat as far as possible. Throw in a mountain of toddler’s toys and baby blankets and you’ll get the picture.

20150113_143305_LLS 20150113_143034_LLS

And not just me but I seem to be surrounded by people shifting, moving, trying to find a comfortable place to settle down, sometimes thousands of miles from what they’ve always known. Its bittersweet but its evolution- progress. As I venture to Scotland with my two lasses and expose them to a new culture, new home, I remain open to the experience myself. After all, that’s what you do to make a place home isn’t it?!


If you’ve followed my journey so far you’ll know that uprooting from the extended family would not have been easy for me, but now its time to make and fix my own mistakes (hopefully just the crafty ones). However, I’m looking forward to the stuff that lies ahead. I have already seen a little yarn shop near the flat, calling out to me hehe. Anyway here’s a toast to the blending of new starts with old ways ….To mixing it up and to learning new ( and old) skills from different cultures….To a new definition of home!

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