#20 The Perfectly-Round Square!

So the other day I dreamt that I was undergoing heart surgery…..yikes. Despite that, there was an air of positivity about it as I was being introduced to the ‘team’ that would be operating on me and upon meeting the ‘surgeon’ I felt instantly reassured and safe! SAFE! Its an interesting word. Because safety. stability, consistency etc. are all very reassuring words to the human nature and ultimately in all we do, we are searching for and striving for these grounds. Be it with respect to family, work, home, health….what-ever else.

However recently I feel that there is more to the style of our modern living! Perhaps we like living on the edge a little bit, under some pressure, working against some deadline – perhaps we are now wired to be most efficient under slightly more ‘stressy’ conditions….! I say all this because recently we have had to make a decision between two paths: One very easy, safe and reliable but ultimately bland….and the other considerably more risqué, pressurised, strenuous but ultimately rewarding! Life often throws you curveballs that you may not necessarily want to dodge ;).

I believe there is no longer just a right or wrong, black or white, round or square….in fact its much more complicated than that but that we are accustomed to coping well with this too. d0ceb-life-throws-curveballs-at-you Anyway, with all the mental frustration that life throws at you, you need to still find a way to relax, to take that time out to quieten the mind….and crafting has been doing that for me recently! My unconventional-rainbow granny square blanket seems to be a WIP (work in progress) slow burner but nevertheless keeps me entertained. I have also started a few smaller granny squares with a tricolour combination that was just to cute not to try! 20150416_22544320150416_225624z In between attending to the almost-3-year-old and a bouncing 7month old, I hope to make a lot more of these and finish up a pretty little blanket eventually.


Aunty Bobby has introduced me to a new kind of crochet stitch which looks pretty awesome! Her Granny squares were not unlike my own but for these pretty flowers in the middle that really stand out! This stitch, the Bobble stitch looks like a good one to try; if I do I will definitely post up my attempts!


And if Aunty B shares her finished blanket with me I will definitely share pictures here too.

I leave this post here, short and sweet…with a message that our decisions shape our lives, and ‘playing it safe’ may not always yield the most fulfilling outcome…. embrace the unobvious and unconventional…the round-squares…because they are perfect too! Sabeena

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