#21 Month of May…Month of Me!

I’m not sure if its the lighter, brighter days or just the fact that I’ve left the ‘newborn’ stages of mama-hood long behind me….. Now I’m ready to go back to being ‘Me’, or a variation of it at least.


Wow! I’d packed 2 pregnancies in 4 years, a big chunk of life where any decent skincare and fitness regimes pretty much went out the window- my bathroom ended up strewn with very random face/body products and fast fixes.

2015-05-12 15.14.57

We all know that pregnancy and in fact motherhood has a major impact on your skin, health and fitness! I just couldn’t recognise myself anymore…. silver roots, dark circles, large pores, tired puffy skin, aching muscles/joints…..something had to be done and it all started with a concealer!

P_Concealer_PhotoreadyImage: http://www.revlon.co.uk (Revlon photoready concealer)

My sister recommended an under-eye concealer by Revlon (photoready)- I’d never used an under-eye concealer before so I was pleasantly surprised by the difference it made; I didn’t look as tired (or as old) anymore, so then it began….

2015-05-12 15.43.51

I went shopping, replaced old makeup and skincare and put in place a pretty good routine. I could now afford 10mins in the bathroom to cleanse/tone/moisturise, as opposed to the earlier 2min brushing of teeth and quick splash of water on face.

2015-05-12 15.44.51

I’ve now begun to notice skincare and makeup videos online which I’d never done before, and have come across some inspirational articles and blog posts on self-care and creating the perfect space for you to do all your beautifying- ‘cos that’s important too you know!

Here are a couple of things I wanted to share with you about just that…..

1. Blog Post by Byrdie:

The 8 Skincare Rules Estheticians Always Follow


2. Decorista Ashlina Kaposta with some gorgeous articles on creating a more beautiful space for you


3. Beauty Guru Kaushal Beauty – lots of videos here on makeup and skin-care!!!


4. A post by Zoella on her fabulous Dressing table!


Take care and stay beautiful all!


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