#23 ‘Pot’tering about…….

Summer is an interesting season in Scotland; it never truly comes. It’s a mere stroke of luck if you get a summery day and the Scottish accept that! Of course its harder to accept if you are used to your 3-month serving of summer south of the border, no matter how hot, humid and clammy it can become! But this is Scottish weather, and it rains here everyday- this is what keeps it so beautifully green remember?!


I don’t have a garden so-to-speak but I was tempted to do a spot of weeding outside the flats in the communal rear garden, just enough for my 3-year old to ride her trike more freely. Gardening has never much interested me before although I appreciate a beautifully tended garden and I loved sitting out in the garden I grew up in.


I remember, when I was little, my dad often experimented growing seasonal veg and sometimes fruit but it didn’t always turn out as hoped and we disregarded his efforts. However now, in my mid-30s I look back at those days and acknowledge what time, effort, skill and patience went into this practice. As well as love. A whole lot of love. Today, gardening is recognised as one of the most therapeutic of activities. Just think of smelling those wonderful tea-roses that line your garden fence and you’re transported to another world!


Another endeavour that requires copious amounts of patience and skill is Pottery! I don’t think I would ever have the nerves or patience to attempt ‘sculpting’ anything on a spinning table without it having disastrous results so its best if I don’t….but things have been made super-easy and you don’t have to go through that. Skip that bit and potter about a stylish art studio, pick out a beautiful creation (created by skilled pottery artists), pay for it and paint it anyway you want! Ahhhh now that sounds better.


This is a fun, child friendly (including the one within you) way to spend a couple of hours whilst also getting to take a keepsake home with you. We went to a wonderful studio recently by the name of ‘Doodles’ run by a couple of talented ladies. Its a wondrous place to browse while you paint your own piece of art. We were impressed and so was my 3yr old!


In other pottery news, my clay pot saw the light of day recently.

163304_10151717382244466_183657669_n 20150710_130717


I hadn’t used it before now, but since picking it up in Lahore in 2013 (and the mission of getting back to the Uk without it smashing to smithereens), I saved it for a special day. And yes it didn’t disappoint! If you have ever cooked with earthenware you will know that it can get quite addictive in the beginning! Well there are some terrible things to be addicted to and clay-pot cooking certainly isn’t one of them!

Here are some links relating to a few of the wonderful things discussed above:







Happy Crafting!

Sabeena x

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