#24 Journals & The Written Word

Since forever, stationery has been my most favourite thing to hoard. You can never have enough, in my opinion.


From pencil tins at school, through to (more grown up stationary perhaps) post-it pads and lovely inky pens. Colouring pens, scrap-booking, pretty-shaped post-it notes, diaries, journals – These have always been my favourite collectibles, much to the dismay of poor DH.

Since recycling and upcycling is important too, I aim to reuse whatever I can and hold on to things if there’s a chance they can be incorporated into a crafty project.


With my children meeting new milestones (3yr old starting nursery this autumn and a 1yr old tot now toddling) my day and ‘me’ time has been considerably reshuffled. Not quite enough time for one thing or too much for another – welcome to parenting! But hey that’s ok, because I finally get to indulge in my journal making!

 20150919_102210ed 20150919_102233ed

At first I wasn’t sure what I would put in it if I made one, and then, a light bulb moment! I could log a poem I’ve come across and liked,  memorable quotes from books, musings, feelings and thoughts about things I am thankful for, things you tend to encounter all the time.

20151029_233135ed 20151029_233525ed

The odd 10mins here and there are enough to get started (no chance of completing this project in one sitting with kids so young and demanding). Any glueing takes a while to dry and you are essentially layering your paper to get the desired texture to the cover. This is worth doing properly!


Pretty paper from craft magazines are perfect for using in the journal, you can design them any way you prefer. I used jute string, lace and wooden buttons to add quirky texture. I added pockets and envelopes for added mystery. This is a wonderful activity to do with the kids too, they can have a journal for their cards and stickers, themed and in colours they love.

I used paper with rough edging to give it a more vintage effect. A few sessions in, you are ready to start doodling away- Yipee!

20150919_102307ed 20150919_102253ed

I was quite impressed with these Distress Ink pads kit that a lot of crafters have been using to create a more weathered/vintage effect! They come in different shades and tones; I personally bought this set and the blending tool was purchased separately. Can’t wait to give these a whirl.

distress ink

(Image: Amazon.co.uk)

You-tube has loads of inspiring videos that will get you in the journaling mind-set; there are a couple that stood out to me and I have listed them below:

  1. How to Make 100% recycled Art Journal from Cereal Boxes:


2. Vintage Journal Tutorial


Love of the written word!

I read a lot! I love reading, real books, for too many reasons to mention at the end of a post (I will definitely have to dedicate a whole blog piece to books/reading). Like millions, I use the book-lover’s portal- Goodreads- as a place to explore and organise my books virtually, while following others’ reading endeavours. And of course, I can use my hand-made bookmarks too. Here’s some I made earlier 😉


Online, I currently love reading material by…..

  1. Artparasites, based in Berlin.

‘Artparasites shares compelling artwork that alters the way we live, love, work, play, think and feel’



2. The Honest Musings (Facebook page)

‘Part poems, part anecdotes, part reality and part fiction. Everyday conversations of my head and probably of yours. Shamelessly inspired by Bukowski’


Happy Crafting Everyone!

Sabeena x

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