Month: January 2016

#25 Abstract January

“I’m looking for an inspiration. Looking at life as it is, its meanings, I’m looking for answers. I am inspired by beauty; beautiful people, stories, shapes and colours. Colours that bring beauty to life. My colour is red.


If I attribute a shape to my life it will not be square or round, it will be a heart. A heart full of love and thoughts…happy and sad… and full of other things. Things I love. Love is red.

Love is beauty, my love, everyone’s love.


I’m looking for an inspiration. I don’t know if I’ll find it in something I see, smell, taste, hear or feel. It might be in someone I know, or will just meet.

I know I would be inspired all the time, if only my heart and mind were in concerted rhythm, but this is seldom the case. I don’t know if that’s just me……or if its meant to be.


I love writing, I am looking for Inspiring words. I wish my life to read like a beautiful piece of work, with all the love and tragedy I have known. I want the moments of elation and moments of tension to shape the story. I want it to be mines. I want..I want….I want…..


I want to collect my thoughts, my mind likes to wander, to scatter… outside my window, around the world, in this time and another.

2015-03-21 01.21.11

I need an inspiration. Seeing is not always believing. Everything changes, nothing stays the same. I want change…. wait…. no I don’t, not entirely and not suddenly. I want pace.

I want to be knowledgeable and have all worldly wisdom, I want to meet and admire the wise. I want to learn. Learn about what I like and love. I want art and culture. Knowledge is empowering. I want to possess this power. Power is red


I’m looking for an inspiration. Will I have it today, tomorrow, or never? Is my inspiration you? Will you ever know?

We are non the wiser with the affairs of the heart. It cannot think, but it does. You cannot deny that it does. We follow where it leads, and sometimes this is to nowhere. The heart is red.


I am looking for an inspiration. Perhaps my inspiration is me. I am strong, sure and sensitive. I am robust and delicate. I can be what I want to be. I am me”