Month: March 2016

#27 Spring Makes – March

March has been frantic for me this year; my birthday & Mothers’ Day (UK) almost super-imposing,  reshuffling & reorganising for an imminent flat change in April (exciting) as well as the usual school run with my almost-4-year-old, 18-month old in tow.

The seasonal changes haven’t gone unnoticed however! Cherry blossoms and those blink-and-you’ll-miss-them daffodils have announced the much awaited arrival of Spring! Phew, so glad February is over (cooooold)!


This month there hasn’t been a lot of ‘free’ time to dedicate to craft projects per se….but I have continued to indulge in a bit of reading and of course work on my knitted, cream shawl which is really starting to take shape as I add an improvised border in white. I have decided to give this shawl a name and call it my Vintage Granny Shawl! It’s the sort of overall effect I am hoping to create. I hope you see what I mean.


Short bursts of crafting have been possible; I have always found these to be stress-busting, especially when there’s not a lot of free time. So, here are two mini projects I have been able to fulfill this month….

Pretty Daffodil Vase

Ok, so daffodils are at their most beautiful when rooted in the soil from which they sprout of course, but when your pre-schooler hands you a bunch of (uprooted) daffodils you need to think quick and give them a new home, and why not put them somewhere you can admire and enjoy them too?

A couple of pasta jars can make the perfect small vase for flowers, to pretty things up.


Dressing up!

With my older miss turning 4 in May, she certainly knows her mind! When a recent request for a ‘Bubble Guppies’ dress was made I was a bit stuck; it’s US-animation and I would struggle to find anything decent online. Also, sizes are hard to gauge when browser shopping. The only way, and quickest way by far was to pencil a sketch and make one myself.

Now, I have made many dresses, for myself and little miss of course, I tend to have quite a rustic finish to my dresses..ahem ahem. Ok, so they are far from perfect but certainly unique!

I tried my hand at a little embroidery (not something I have done much of) and the outcome was satisfactory. Anyway, it took me a little over a day to finish the dress and here is the finished product.


I am looking ahead to April; we are moving to another flat. No doubt this will bring a whole new wave of making and creating with it. And that is always something to be excited about.

Happy Crafting All.