Month: June 2017

#30 Milestones….

I realise its been 1 full year since my last post- and how that year has flown by?!

We’ve done a lot of growing in the last year…. Miss 4 is now Miss 5 and ready for primary school year 1 (yikes!), Miss 1.5 is now Miss 2.5 with an impressively fast-growing vocabulary to match. I too find myself ‘busier’ with the growing children as their creative and explorative minds demand much attention from mum!

Perhaps the most important milestone we have reached as a family is…..Buying our own house!! Phew 😀


It feels great to say it. Yes we did it, we finally found our little home in September 2016. After my last post, there was a 3month house hunt before we finally found ‘the one’ for us. Then, the moving, readjusting and a few breaks thrown in. Anyone who has moved houses with kids will know its no easy feat!

Setting up or decorating a new house from blank has been a blessing and we are nowhere near done yet. But 10 months in, its taking great shape.
Naturally, its been a great opportunity for hand-making home décor, which is very on trend these days.

I have shared a few of the crafty things we have been up to in the new house below….

30.2 30.3 30.4 30.530.6  30.7

30.8 30.9 3.10

3.11 30.3 30.10

And there is much more to tell! But i think the BlanketsNBabies blog is more of a reflection of my early-days of mum-hood and early steps in crafting. Whereas now, i feel i have reached some milestones of my own and considerable personal growth. Therefore, i will end the BlanketsNBabies blog here at this lovely, rounded figure of 30!

We all go through phases of change and wanting to start something new. I guess with the girls now growing up, i can look more at where i am and where i want to take things later. This is normal and extremely healthy!

So, thank you for coming along with me on my crafty journey, you have been very special companions for me….. I hope you will join me on another adventure soon.

Happy Crafting all you amazing people!