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#15 Keep calm and crochet on…

When I started researching for this post I knew exactly where I wanted to begin: My earliest memory of crochet!. As a child in the 80s I watched my young aunties parading rainbow coloured ponchos, very 70’s hangover. These were brightly coloured stripes crocheted with a black border. I was actually quite excited to see if I could find a close resemblance as they seem to have vanished from our family hand-me-downs. The closest match was this one, found on the King Monkey Vintage blog page:


Well it certainly transported me back 25 years!

My mother crocheted, but she was more of a knitter so I don’t remember a lot about what she made. I do remember seeing pretty little cardigans and handbags. I also remember she would hand-sew shiny little beads on the finished bags.

At present, my family seems to be broken into two troupes; the knitters and the crocheters. Of course we cant’ forget my Aunt Bobby- I call her the Crochet Queen because there simply is no other word to best praise her. As far as I know she’s been crocheting for over 30 years and can do it with her eyes shut….or even asleep!

When I first expressed  to her my interest in crocheting, she was way over the moon. I had lots of questions about how her and mum had started crocheting, where they got their patterns from, what they made. I loved these stories.


I wasn’t sure if I would get the hang of it because I’m not the most patient people around. So I guess half-heartedly I picked out a wool from mum’s stash that would be least missed! She had crochet hook which I armed myself with – at that point unawares of the whole numbering, hook-size concept – and I was away. Luckily it turned out the hook was a size 2.5 (UK size) and suitable for a beginner project.

I didn’t want to start out with anything too big so I took on a smaller project. The objective was just to get plenty of practice. And here’s what resulted:


A phone case complete with button fastening. It looks a little tired now as it got plenty of use! Another thing I managed to crochet were these pretty flowers. It took a number of tries to get them right. I went ahead and used one on a little felt coin purse I put together. The result was visually impressive:


When I saw my finished works I was suddenly much more confident and felt ready for my ultimate crochet dream – A bright and colourful granny square blanket!!! (did I mention that I am pretty impatient? lol)

Although knitting then took over for a while and I became consumed with knitting scarves and hats, I went ahead and ordered myself yarn and crochet hooks in the most awesome colours:


(20-set Yarn from Merriner, Amazon)



(12-set Crochet hooks from Avax, Amazon)

All that remains now is to find the time to start! Hope to share with you the journey when it finally does.

In the meantime I want to share some information about the genius crocheters that keep me inspired:

On Facebook, The Crochet Crowd never fail to get a wow from me. The best thing about their page is the ability for people all over the world to submit photographs of their own works.

Two ladies that are like Crocheting royalty:

1) Lucy of Attic24 and her Facebook page is here,

2) Heather of The Patchwork Heart and her Facebook page is here,

Please do check these pages out, if you are a crochet lover you will appreciate their work I promise!

Ok, well that’s the end of my long post, hope to be back soon with another craft to share.

Take care for now,