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#11 November is photo challenge time!

I have always fancied the idea of undertaking a photo-challenge… particularly because I’m constantly taking clicks with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and also because of what you can do with the amazing Instagram app!. So I’ve decided that November is the month I’m going to give this whole thing a go!

I’ve come across a few photo-challenges for the November month and with this beautiful autumnal season upon us, inspiration is everywhere! The one that stood out the most for me was one by Stephanie of the Silver Boxes blog (link below):

November Photo Challenge

Silver Boxes Photo Challenge

I simply love the great mix of prompts and the ideas they give rise to. However, ultimately your perception and what you derive from the prompts will be as individual as you which makes it all the more fun to share your results with everyone.

If you are doing a photo challenge it will be great to see your collection! I have added mine as and when I completed each prompt!


I must say it was a challenge in many senses of the word. I realised quickly that I wasn’t pushing myself enough or going out of my comfort zone. It didn’t help that I was travelling to and from work in pretty dark hours; that would be my first complaint- I wish there was more light during those hours to experiment! Lunch hours, as everyone knows well, are just not long enough. Other times I found myself free to take my snaps either at home with my toddler, or after she had gone to sleep, again with bad lighting being the only issue. Well this certainly hasn’t put me off! I would love to try another photo challenge and hope that this time I can push my boundaries a little more!

Here are my photo prompt interpretations of the 30 days of November :



IMG_20131111_205603 IMG_20131028_163009  IMG_20131110_151548

8 outside my window 9 technology 10 i do this everyday 11 remember 12 jewellery 13 brown 14. i made this 15 my name starts with 16 in the cupboard 17 pattern 18 flowers 19 in my bag 20 closeup 21 recipe 22 thanful 23 kindness 24 story 25 Children somethng oldIMG_20131212_140754IMG_20131212_140648  IMG_20131212_140850 IMG_20131212_140919

Challenge complete! And don’t forget BlanketsnBabies is on facebook and Flickr too!

Happy Festive Snapping!